Bay Curtain Poles & Tracks FAQ



How do I measure my bay window?

There are two ways of measuring for your bay curtain pole/track, you can either measure the pre-existing pole/track, alternatively you can also measure the recess of your windows and this will assist in getting the overall length of your bay. If you need help on measuring the bay you can download our bay measuring form which we can use to pick the bay that would suit your requirements.

I see you have 3 sided bay poles, can I have a 2 or 5 sided bay pole/track?

Yes, we have recently created a range of 2 and 5 sided bay poles, tracks however are naturally suited for all size bays due to their flexibility.

My lengths are different to what are shown in the picture can I have a larger bay pole/track?

In short yes you can, we have a range of made to measure curtain poles (Silent Gliss Metropoles) and tracks (Silent Gliss tracks) that can accommodate most larger bays, our Rolls Neo range would also allow you to add extra poles and accessories to cover most requirements.

Should you need help with achieving a larger bay our sales support will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.

What curtains can I use on the bay pole/track?

Our bay poles/tracks are suitable for pleated curtains such as pencil pleat, pinch/goblet pleat.

Unfortunately they are not suited for eyelet or tab top curtains as the heading cannot pass the brackets. To achieve eyelet or tab top curtains at a bay you would have to purchase multiple pairs and a pattern match across the pairs with made to measure curtains, as readymade curtains cannot guarantee a pattern match across two separate pairs (excluding plain curtains).

You state that passing brackets and rings are used in your bay poles what are they and how do they work?

Bay poles/tracks are suitable for pleated curtains by using passing brackets and rings. These are used to allow the your curtains to be fully drawn to the centre of your bay, below is a brief description of each item.

Passing ring or C ring: Unlike a standard ring which is a complete circle, the passing ring or “C” ring is a C shaped ring allowing it to pass freely over the bracket, which is usually a specially designed passing bracket.

Passing bracket: The passing bracket is not too dissimilar from the standard brackets you would receive with a standard curtain pole. The main difference is that they either lower the front edge of the bracket cup or remove the front and leave it as the bottom part of the bracket to support the pole. These act mainly for supporting the weight of the pole.

Does the overall length of your bay poles include finials?

With most of our bay curtain poles the finials are excluded from the overall length. The one exclusion to this rule is our made to measure range which allows you to either select the length to include or exclude finials in the measurement, however this will be specified within the options on the product when ordering.

Can I cut the bay pole/track down to the size I require?

Cutting down the pre packaged bay poles/tracks can be achieved with a junior hacksaw, however the made to measure range cannot be cut down once produced as this will void your warranty.